Nant Designs
Every sheet of Nant Designs paper is individually printed by hand using a silkscreen in my own workshop.
I print each design on 135/140grsm paper in short print runs and multiple colourways. Some prints have just one colour but others have up to four layers of ink. Each layer of ink is printed separately and may be opaque, metallic or transparent creating multicoloured mixes of colours.
I designed these papers to bind my own books but they are suitable for multiple craft uses.
Fish handprinted paper
Hills and Dales handprinted paper
houses handprinted paper
Peacock handprinted paper
Zigzap handprinted paper
Fish  a favourite paper, often used as a poster
Zigzap a geometric design
Peacock  this was inspired by the pattern on pecock feathers
Houses - reminiscent of the villages stacked up the hillsides of waterside villages of
Hills and Dales inspired by the birds and landscape of West Wales
Travellers Joy handprinted paper
Travellers Joy (also known as old mans beard) was the starting point for this design
Puffin paper
Puffins are found on the offshore islands of Wales
Printing in the studio
Some of these designs may be purchased here
Flowers a pretty paper also with a blue, green or pink background